Fun Facts About Sentosa Cove in District 4

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Hello friends! Imagine waking up every day to the sound of waves and the soft sea breeze—sounds like a dream, right? Well, Cape Royal condo (11 – 25 way) in Sentosa Cove have it all. Let’s explore what makes this place so special.

Your Yacht Deserves a Spot Too!

Guess what? If you love sailing, Cape Royal has a yacht park. Most condos give you a view, but here, you get a berth for your yacht! That’s right; pick an inward-facing unit, and your yacht has its cozy spot near your home. How cool is that?

No Fences, Just Freedom

Walking around Cape Royal, you’ll notice something different—there are no fences or gates. It’s all open, friendly, and inviting. The design here is all about living in harmony with nature. Plus, every house on this sandy island shares the same chic design and color. It’s like living in a beautifully coordinated community.

Live the Buggy Life

Ever dreamed of ditching the car and cruising around in a buggy? Sentosa allows you to drive a buggy without the usual car hassles. But remember, the island speed limit is 40km/h, so keep it cool and enjoy the ride.

Exclusive Perks for You

Each home comes with its own basement cabinet, perfect for stashing your golf bags or anything else. And when you enter the lobby, it’s like stepping into a luxury hotel with stunning paintings and an air-conditioned space that takes your breath away.

Private Lifts and Sea Views

Here’s something awesome—your personal lift! With your access card, you can go straight to your unit. No stops, no detours. It’s just you and your cozy home waiting. And those lifts have mirrors, so you can make sure you’re looking sharp before you head out.

A Peek into Paradise

Imagine chilling on your sofa, coffee in hand, gazing at the sea. That’s everyday life at Cape Royal. The natural breeze keeps your home cool, so you can forget about the aircon and enjoy the fresh air. And noise from traffic? Non-existent here.

Wake Up to Waterfront Luxury

The best part? The master bedroom. Wake up to breathtaking sea views every day. Step out onto your balcony, breathe in the sea air, and start your day feeling refreshed and relaxed. The luxurious bathroom with its bathtub and shower is just the cherry on top.


Purchasing a home at Cape Royal is more than just buying property; it’s investing in a lifestyle. It requires careful consideration of the financial commitment against the backdrop of luxurious living and exclusive amenities. If the numbers work out and the lifestyle appeals to you, it could be a fantastic place to call home. However, it’s important to weigh the practical aspects, including daily commutes and accessibility to city amenities, against the allure of island living.

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