Did The HDB Inspection Failed Because Of Windows?

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If you live in an HDB flat in Singapore, you know that regular inspections are a big deal. They check to make sure everything’s up to code, especially the windows. Let’s see why my dad’s unit failed its inspection and what we did to fix it.

Why Did My Dad’s Unit Fail the Inspection?

HDB inspections can be tough. They look for two main things:

  1. No Illegal Changes: The inspectors make sure no unauthorised work has been done on the flat.
  2. Safe Windows: This is a big one. They check all the windows to ensure they’re safe and meet the latest standards.

Our Window Problem

Our flat, built back in 1985, is pretty spacious—132 square meters! You could fit all kinds of game tables and still have room to walk around. But, we hit an obstacle with the inspection because four sets of our windows weren’t up to standard.

Fixing the Issue

We called in a window expert who told us it would take about 30 minutes and cost $380 to rectify it. This was a huge relief since we thought we might have to replace all the windows, which would have been a big headache and a hit to the wallet.

Here’s what needed fixing:

  • Casement Windows: These needed special stainless steel screws in the ledge instead of regular ones. Stainless steel doesn’t rust and holds up better, so it’s much safer.
  • Sliding Windows: The expert checked these over and made sure everything was tight and right.

The Cost and Outcome

The total fix was cheaper than expected, and once it was done, we just had to sign a form with the repair company. This form says that all the new safety measures are in place. It’s all about keeping everyone safe, especially from windows that could fall out!

Thinking About the Safety Measures

Updating our windows might seem like a hassle and a bit costly, but it’s worth it for the safety and most importantly pass the inspection so my dad can sell it. The new rules are there to stop windows from being a danger to us and anyone walking by below. And with these fixes, we’re pretty much guaranteed that our windows won’t be causing any trouble.


Even though it was a surprise to find out our old windows didn’t meet today’s safety standards, getting them fixed was straightforward. It’s good to know that with these few tweaks, our family and neighbours are safer. That peace of mind is definitely worth the effort and cost!

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