Here’s how to choose a BTO flat

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Choosing the best BTO (Build-To-Order) flat can feel overwhelming, but with a few smart tips, you can find a unit that suits your needs perfectly. Here’s how I picked the ideal flat for my parents at Tampines Greencourt five years ago, ensuring their comfort and happiness.

Maximizing Wind Flow

One key factor to consider is the orientation of your unit. In Singapore, the wind blows from the north for six months and from the south for the other six months. At Tampines Greencourt, there’s an open area to the north, which creates a wind tunnel effect. This means my parents’ home gets a nice breeze all year round, keeping the place cool and airy.

Avoiding Direct Sunlight

My parents aren’t fans of direct sunlight, so we avoided units facing east or west. These units get the sun directly in the morning or afternoon, which can make the house uncomfortably warm. But, if you love growing plants, you might prefer these sunlit units to give your plants the light they need.

Choosing a Quiet Spot

A peaceful environment was important for my parents, so we chose an inside-facing unit overlooking the park. This spot is much quieter than units facing busy roads, which can be noisy. Outside-facing units may offer great views, but they often come with traffic noise, which can be a drawback.

Ensuring Privacy

Privacy is another key factor. At Tampines Greencourt, lower floors (second to seventh) have more neighbors, while the ninth floor, where my parents’ unit is, has fewer neighbors. This makes the place quieter and more private. Higher floors generally offer better views and more tranquility, so they’re a great choice if your budget allows.

Avoiding Fumes and Noise

Convenience is great, but living too close to amenities like coffee shops can mean dealing with fumes and noise. To avoid this, we picked a unit that wasn’t directly above or opposite these places.

Picking the Right Block and Stack

Each block and stack in a BTO project can differ in orientation, views, and sunlight exposure. Tampines Greencourt has 19 blocks, and choosing the right stack within these blocks is crucial. For my parents, the best available unit had been taken, but the next best option had good wind flow and avoided direct sunlight, making it a great choice.


Finding the perfect BTO flat involves looking at wind flow, sunlight exposure, noise levels, privacy, and proximity to amenities. By paying attention to these details, you can pick a unit that feels just right for you. At Tampines Greencourt, my parents enjoy excellent ventilation, no direct sunlight, and a peaceful, private environment. Use these tips to choose a BTO flat that fits your lifestyle and needs, ensuring a comfortable and happy home.

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