2023 Condo T.O.P. Biggest Winners

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Singaporeans often say “Heng Ong Huat Ah!” hoping for good luck and prosperity. But what if there’s a better way to “huat” (prosper) than just hoping for a win in Toto or 4D? This year, over 1,000 condo owners found that better way by cashing in on properties they invested in just a few years ago.

Here’s How They Did It

In 2023, five condo developments in Singapore made their owners very happy by topping out, which means they were completed and ready to be lived in or sold. Everyone who sold their condo made money—no losses at all! Let’s look at which condos were the winners, from the ones making good money to those making the most:

5. The Florence Residences

  • Units Sold: 136
  • Total Profit: $32 million

Starting our list, The Florence Residences brought in a solid $32 million in profits. That’s a great kickoff for our top five!

4. The Tre Ver

  • Units Sold: 153
  • Total Profit: $34 million

Just up from Florence, The Tre Ver owners enjoyed a neat $34 million. It shows just how much you can gain from picking the right property.

3. Treasure at Tampines

  • Units Sold: 226
  • Total Profit: $52 million

Moving up to Treasure at Tampines, the stakes get even higher with $52 million made by its owners. That’s a lot of happy faces!

2. Parc Esta

  • Units Sold: 190
  • Total Profit: $56 million

Near the top, Parc Esta did even better, bringing in $56 million. The owners here definitely found their home.

1. Riverfront Residences

  • Units Sold: 300
  • Total Profit: $57 million

And the biggest winner? Riverfront Residences, with a whopping $57 million in total profits. With 300 units sold, it was clearly the place to be.

What’s the Secret?

It’s all about choosing the right property and holding on to it for a bit. The biggest single profit among these sales was a jaw-dropping $981,000. Imagine that—nearly a million bucks just from one condo sale!


Forget the lottery for a minute. These real estate success stories show there’s real money in buying and selling condos. It’s a clear way to “huat” big in Singapore if you play your cards right. So, why not think about stepping into the condo market? Who knows, the next big winner could be you!

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